THE SPACING OF THE SPHERES is a collaboration of 3 Greek and 3 German artists. It contains live music and digital visualization and aims to strengthen the historic bridge between Greece and Germany and its fundamental axis within the context of Europe and its cultural heritage (for ex. Pythagoras 􃲗 Kepler).

Within this international dialogue the 6 participants work together on eyelevel. A deep respect for each other’s work and artistry are the core of this collaboration.

Don Stavrinos - trumpet
Giannis Despotakis - percussion, voice
Natalia Manta - digital processing, visuals
Philip Zoubek – piano, prepared piano
Hayden Chisholm – alto saxophone
Sebastian Gramss – double bass

In 2017 (at the Plush-Music Festival at the LOFT, Cologne) the 5 musicians performed together for the first time. As a result of this extraordinary experience, they started thinking about a wider and long-term collaboration between artists from Greece and Cologne / NRW – considering and refreshing their common historic and cultural roots. As a result – and with the addition of a digital / visual aspect – the project THE SPACING OF THE SPHERES was initialized. It is committed / refers to the idea of „Musica universalis” (by Pythagoras), the book “Harmoni mundi” by Johannes Kepler and the ideas of Hans Cousto (Cosmic Octave) ->see pdf „Historical context“)

Within the colaboration the group will elaborate harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements based and inspired by the above theories. In addition, recent NASA recordings of radio wave emission of the Earth, Mars, Sun, Moon etc. are implemented in the artistic process. Based on this orbital perspective the group aims to develope and find a recent (nowaday) aproach to this facinating topic. The actual process of preparations and rehearsals is meant to be an open joint process where individual contributions lead to a new common musical and visual composition. The result of this process is to be performed for a larger audience in Athens and Cologne in December 2019


16.-22. December 2019:

Rehearsals in Athen; Performances in Athens and Cologne