To Pikap – Sound Transportation

»Sound Transportation« is a project about contemporary electronic music created by artists that make extended use of digital tools. Furthermore, it concerns the multiple ways that the creative works can be spread throughout the world, with the use of today’s digital means of communication. Moreover it is an endeavour concerning the innovative results of teamwork and diversity.

Six musical projects of artists who live and work in NRW are invited to find their equivalent in Thessaloniki. The result of this process will be a performance/presentation at To Pikap which is a multi-purpose facility located at the general Roman Forum – Bit Bazar area, at the centre of Thessaloniki. The aim of »Sound Transportation« is that the involved parties of this project (NRW/ German and Greek) get in contact and open a channel of communication in order to work together online through exchanging material and ideas. This procedure has led to the creation of six prototype team projects.


To Pikap's operators hope that this whole endeavour will tighten the connections between the artists from NRW and Thessaloniki and will lead to further future collaborations, thus fulfilling the team’s aims as described below.

To Pikap was launched because of a fundamental necessity. Its operators wanted to get in touch as much as possible with the experimental artistic work which takes place both at a local as well as at an international level in order to support experimental arts and alternative ways of expression.

Using the current artistic and social dynamics but also by looking for future perspectives To Pikap seeks to contribute to the creative community by becoming both a channel of exchange and a hub of ideas. Therefore the project is entended to be a useful tool for the artists and the artistic world in general, by promoting collaborations and easing the accessibility to information.

Digital culture and its challenges became over the course of the last few years a major part of To Pikap's operators work. Various artists from Greece and abroad have expressed themselves in various creative ways and have shown their work through their facilities with the help of digital media and technology playing a key role towards this direction. A vast amount of information is uploaded at their site and the rest of their online platforms as well, making it easy for everyone to get in touch with every thing that is performed through this project.