AC Biblio

The workshop AC Biblio aims to bring the players of the German and Greek literary scene together.

Artists, two literary magazines and two independent publishing houses, that have signalized their interest in an international literature project, will come together, discuss and develop strategies for exchanging and publishing literature from the other country and to implement a regular and equal partnership.

Bibliodiversity is the cultural diversity applied to the writing and publishing world. It refers to the need for a variety of publications to be available to readers within a given environment. Independent publishers fulfil an important role in the book market without being dependent on large profit margins and bestsellers like big publishing houses are.


They are genuine discoverers of talents, they are cultural risk-takers, they facilitate the existence and dissemination of the authors and texts of the future. And even in the publishing of intercultural literature they are playing an very important role as an intermediary. Often independent publishers are artists too.

The poetry performance by Katerina Iliopoulou (or Pavlina Marvin), Danae Sioziou, Adrian Kasnitz and Jonas Linnebank in Greek, English and German will show different approches to and aspects of poetry nowadays accompanied by live music.