Soundtrope Festival

Soundtrope Festival is a contemporary music festival dedicated to sound & visual performing arts and to the interaction between them and audience. It is about a collective and multicultural enterprise that begun in 2013 in order to promote art expression through innovative ways.

Although Soundtrope Festival exists only a few years, it has managed to create a united music-circle with international artists and host various forms of art expression. We had the chance to collaborate with musicians, artists, dancers, photographers, video artists, cinematographers and writers from many countries such as France, England, Berlin, Stockholm, Chile, Canada, Romania, Croatia, Italy and Greece.

Foto: Spiros Vakolides

Foto: Spiros Vakolides

With the programme of »Transfer International« we aim to create a unique art event with the participation of musicians, dancers and real time visuals projections.

The artists from North Rhine-Westphalia invite to this particular event are two remarkable and talented musicians Thomas Sauerborn (drums) and Matthias Schüller (trombone). 

Ιn this unique event, which will include music, visuals and dance will take place with five artists and it will be realized in a remarkable and highly active artistic venue in Athens KET.