constructing places

The workshop »Constructing Places« intends to present, confront and discuss various examples of heterotopias, visionary and utopian places, invented or constructed in order to experience and host particular personal experiences and the correlation between people and groups.

More precisely aim of the the workshop is to confront the place of its setting with the contents of the visionary artistic work of the participants. Stiftung Insel Hombroich, an institution and museum which in itself is a man-made heterotopia, is carrying the core idea of its vision within its title. An Island (Insel), a place separated from the terra ferma, a place to travel to with an intention. Within the clearly circumscribed areas of the foundation, the recently completed Haus für Musiker creates an even more secluded surrounding, a world in itself. 

The participants have each created some of the most imaginary artistic research in recent years

Foto: Eternal-Internet-BrotherSisterhood-1-3_Angelo-Plessas_courtesy-the-artist-and-The-Breeder-photo-by-Giorgos-Sfakianakis_Stiftung-Insel-Hombroich

Foto: Eternal-Internet-BrotherSisterhood-1-3_Angelo-Plessas_courtesy-the-artist-and-The-Breeder-photo-by-Giorgos-Sfakianakis_Stiftung-Insel-Hombroich

Driven towards the construction of complex virtual environments, they discuss possibilities of aggregation, cultural exchange and communication within these settings as alternatives to our day-to-day life. What kind of environments and architectures in both settings do stimulate exchange, what is the significance of borders here and there?

The workshop is intended as a first meeting of a core group of artists. They will act together as protagonists as well as curators of a series of residencies, events and presentations of a larger group of invitees in 2019 in Hombroich as well as in Athens.

This workshop will be one of the first events staged at Haus für Musiker at the Raketenstation Hombroich. It continues the engagement of Insel Hombroich Foundation for bringing together artists and communities as for instance already practiced with Hombroich : Summer Fellows.

Peroid: 15.11.2018-15.02.2019

Location: Haus für Musiker/Raketenstation Hombroich, Neuss