»Lab.el.ID« is an interdisciplinary research, exchange and creation lab by 4 artists from the fields of dance, theatre and film, as well as music (instrumental and electronic/algorithmic composition) reinforced in their research and experiments by a media artist. The artistic result of this lab will be shared with the public as a performative installation in October 2019 in the TV Control Center art space (Polychoros KET) in Athens.

At the project’s core is the subject matter of identity in the context of belongingness and relatedness. We will further look at the diversification of identity with identity shifts, augmentations, fusions, as well as mistaken identities.

© Foteini Papadopoulou

© Foteini Papadopoulou

In the process of applying for Transfer International the project initiator, Foteini Papadopoulou, having studied, living, and creating art in Germany for over 16 years found herself wondering about how she perceives herself and how she is being perceived. Does her identity as an artist of North Rhine-Westphalia shift when the constellation is a cooperation with her country of origin, Greece, as in this case? Who is she (then)?

A German artist of Greek origin or a Greek artist living in Germany? Is it important after all? On what level does/can it become relevant? This reflection process led to coming up with the constellation of the core team of 4 artists: a Greek in Germany, a German in Germany, a German in Greece, and a Greek in Greece.

The two artists from North Rhine-Westphalia, choreographer Foteini Papadopoulou and composer Lukas Tobiassen, working regularly together since 2011, will work closely with two artists from Greece, actors and directors Marlene Kaminsky and Foteini Tsardouni. Together they will examine nuances of belongingness and cultural identity, particularly in the context of constant information flow, »feeds«, »tweets« and »pins«: How is our (cultural) identity informed and shaped in an age of digital technologies’ and digital cultures’ dominance?