The project ImPArt takes accessibility a step further. It becomes a source of inspiration and encourages experiments. We have set out on an expedition with international artists with and without disabilities from various backgrounds that uncovers, taps into and makes tangible the tremendous artistic potential of truly accessible art.

Today, accessibility in the arts usually translates as audio description, captioning or sign interpreting, which are perceived as alien elements outside the stage. The piece of art is objectified while emotional and artistic levels are neglected. Audiences with disabilities are partially deprived of the aesthetic experience and artists do not even get the chance to create accessible works of art.


ImPArt aims to find new creative ways to allow all human beings to have an equal experience of an artistic product. One question is vital in this: How can we use auxiliary means to become part of the performance, to become art themselves and to enrich the work of art through their own aesthetic possibilities?

Three interdisciplinary performances which will be created during two artistic residencies in Cologne – Germany and in Athens/Larissa – Greece will be the outcome of the project. A selection of 12 artists from various backgrounds such as dance, theatre, music, video and

poetry with and without disabilities will come together to these creative residencies in order to develop and finalise the artistic outcomes of the project. The audience will experience innovative artistic approaches that trigger all senses, bringing unique perspectives and exploring new artistic landscapes that can engage audiences in original and often challenging ways.

The performances will be premiering to a large audience on September 8th 2019, at the Greek National Opera in Athens at the alternative stage of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre. We will continue our tour to present the performances through Germany, Italy and other European countries in 2020 and beyond.