Grandmothers of the universe

An international collective of female artists from Düsseldorf/Germany and Athens/Greece wants to research the erased names and stories of their grandmother generation in a workshop series called „Grandmother of the Universe“. They will be looking for similarities and differences in den lifes of Greek and German grandmothers during the period of the early 20th century until today. Starting point of the research of role pictures of women in the 20th century in different parts of Europe is the differing political systems and religious communities are the socio-political imprints that those grandmothers had experienced and passed on to their children and grandchildren.

“Waltraud900” -Foto Merle Forchmann

“Waltraud900” -Foto Merle Forchmann

The workshops aim at women born between 1920 and 1950 who have already experienced the 20th century as mothers and grandmothers. In other workshops, women can also participate, who in turn describe their experiences with their grandmothers. The aim is to work intergeneratively with women of all ages and to bring them into an exchange with each other. As part of a writing workshop we will pursue the questions listed above and put the layers of our experiences above one another. With the help of physical work we want to create opportunities to find answers and being able to express them in various forms. This can mean both traditionally inspired dance and theatre choreographic improvisations. Against the background of the possibly missing ability to speak, this type of communication or direct physical contact with each other is a valuable opportunity for exchange.

“Split one’s mothers, and then both their grandmothers, and then both their grand grand mothers, going back many generations, then hundreds and thousands of them just disappear. Mothers disappear, und the fathers and mothers of those mothers, too. More and more human lifes get lost, as if they have never existed, as if you reduced a forest to a tree, a net to a line.”

Rebecca Solnit