giorgos koftis - ndt

The painter Giorgos Koftis (* 1980) is dedicated to figurative painting, with a focus on portraits and landscapes in intense colors. However, these are becoming increasingly abstract and freewheeling, to dramatic compositions in which the originally portrayed figure takes a back seat.

Koftis deals with the victims of violence and terror in a constantly overlapping media world, where the daily changing news with its ever new sensations inevitably obliterates the dead of political or religiously motivated attacks and wars after a short time. On the basis of medial retrievable portrait photos of victims of violence, Koftis' pictures turn into an outcry against this oblivion. They stop time, and hold the medial acceleration of the images to a standstill, a pause. The emotionally charged abstract painting threatens to erase the figurative motif. This corresponds to a double annihilation of the portrayed: once by their death, but also by the fading of the memory.

Giorgios Koftis, w. t., 2019, detail

Giorgios Koftis, w. t., 2019, detail

Koftis enhances classical painting with the irritation of current media perception, while at the same time counteracting his images. In Düsseldorf, Giorgos Koftis shows his latest works on the project NDT (playful abbreviation of the English »Entity«), as well as other experiments in portraiture and landscape, which also reminiscent of Gerhard Richter's pictorial inventions.

Giorgos Koftis is a scholarship holder of the state of NRW. He was invited by the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf in cooperation with the NRW KULTURsekretariat as part of »Transfer International« for two months to live and work in Dusseldorf.

Exhibition: 06.09. – 15.09.2019
Thessaloniki - Griechenland, Giorgos Koftis - NDT
Opening: 05.09.2019, 19h, Atelier am Eck