Whilst in the past the relationship between Greece and Germany has been marked by a deep connection – philosophy, literature and theatre are just a few examples from our cultural history – these have frequently been overshadowed by phases of conflict.

The collaborative approach of »Transfer International« aims to encourage artists from both regions to develop cooperation projects within different disciplines in order to anchor the bonds between both regions as well as to strengthen a basis for interaction that goes beyond borders.

In societies increasingly affected by migration, the project wishes to contribute to the unifying role that art and culture play in order to strengthen cohesion in Europe: thus, one focal point will be artistic work with refugees.

Against a background of increasing scepticism in Europe, the programme is looking to strengthen mutual understanding and respect as well as to shine a spotlight on aspects of cultural life in both countries that are rarely mentioned in daily discourse.

The programme is aimed at artists, organisations and institutions working in all artforms from Greece and North Rhine-Westphalia.