Greece - Germany - 1917 and earlier - 2019 and for the future

Since 2000 (unofficially since 1993) the Paradoxon Initiative is active in intercultural projects to support the German-Greek society and its topics in the federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia (

Since 2013, the Paradoxon Initiative maintains relations to musicians and other artists in Greece and with its own means produces local cultural projects. This happens via internet and the opportunities it offers as well as trips to Greece. The distillate of this musical communication and interaction will be presented in November - at the Schmachtendorf Church in the city of Oberhausen (24.11.2019).

After 2 preparation workshops in October 2019 in Greece, 4 musicians from Greece are going to arrive in Germany in November 2019. The circa 20 project members will be accommodated and practicing in Oberhausen. The presentation and documentation of the project is going to happen in Oberhausen (12 musicians, dancing group, visual artist).


The musical performance is going to be based on songs which have travelled through time and space, which still travel and which will continue their journey with the migration of those who cultivate them.

Traditional Greek songs and songs from North Rhine-Westphalia or other regions (such as Iran, Afghanistan or the Balkans). Thus the project will feature songs which travel through time and space and are multilingual (Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, German etc.) by Konstantinos Andrikopoulos. Following this philosophy, there will be several songs from the historical Görlitz 1917 recordings.

Those will be songs which address various topics and accompany the people throughout their lives, feelings and needs. Life, death, happiness, sorrow, quest, sadness, hope, love etc.

24.11.2019, 17.00 Kirche Schmachtendorf, Oberhausen